Lithotripsy comes from the Greek words ‘lithos’ and ‘tripsis’ and literally means ‘stone breaking’. The procedure uses shock waves to break your kidney stones into small, sand-like particles that can then pass out of your body through your urine.

When a doctor find the stone or group of stones in the kidney or ureter (narrow, muscular tube that connects your kidney to your bladder). Kidney stones can be painful and can cause infection or blood in urine then treatment- Lithotripsy is recommended. If nothing is done to remove them, they may continue to grow and could damage kidney or block ureter.

Lithotripsy is performed on the basis of Day care, meaning that you can come into hospital, have the procedure, and return home the same day. It avoids the need for surgery and anaesthetic, reducing your hospital stay and the amount of time you will need to recover from the procedure.