Upon Arrival

As per shared ticket details patient and attendants will be received by us at the airport and will be taken to the Hospital if admission is planned or to Guest House/ Hotel.

Upon arrival our case manager will be assisting them personally to make their visit smooth in India and we will be available 24*7 to provide below mentioned services:-

  • Medical Assistance
    1. Appointment with doctors.
    2. Investigations.
    3. Follow up after investigations.
    4. Planning of admission.
    5. Avoid delay in surgery.
    6. Discharge on time.
    7. Post discharge follow up.
    8. Home care services (Dressing, Physiotherapy, and Injection if required).
    9. Fit to fly certificate .
  • Non Medical Assistance
    1. Language expert case manager
    2. Accommodation & Food in Patient’s budget
    3. Arrangement of local transportation
    4. Local phone line arrangements
    5. Visa Extension (In case length of stay is beyond the validity of Visa)
    6. Ticket Rescheduling ( In case patient need to change ticket as per doctor’s advice.)
    7. Local Tour (in case patient is fit to go for visit as per doctor’s advice)